Our work with Tibetan Singing bowls aims to expand what has already been applied in SPAs, aromatic therapy and other methods for years.

This new concept of care and well-being aims to teach people to solve problems and reach self-healing processes.

The Happy Life Healing concept comes from traditional disciplines such as Yoga, singing bowls, TCM and nurcing consultant (healthy organic food).

With personal examination (anamnase) and different applications, we can help to solve many problems like headaches, back pains, join pains, stomach problems, Blood-pressure, blood circulation, over weights and insomnia; also other problems like ADS syndrome, autism, dyslexia, kidney and other kind stones, Cancer.

When we listen to Singing bowl reach dark long frequency ultrasound or generic into the body, can cause in vivo molecular resonance, form the ripples vibration massage and regulate, able to awaken, purification, and stimulate the body’s cells and nerve tissue at the end of the energy flow in the body relaxed, the open entanglements, blocking the chakras, and the pain is not part of the organization, this is the cure of traditional Chinese medicine meridian qi and blood flow, through the function of the different sounds to promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, free acid tight muscles at the same time. Praise port can be said to be at the same time, therefore, affect the body and mind of the best spinner, it can completely replace the acupuncture and moxibustion, acupuncture and medication, these may be the best tool to help people get healthy beautiful, also is not to join any drugs and western medicine treatment is completely harmless to the body natural therapy, and modern medicine can’t involves the highest level of energy to repair!