We are still in Lockdown rules, but Private Single Classes and Video Classes are possible, if you have Interest please contact us…


♥️Happy Life Healing Yoga Studio 各位:热石身体护理开始接单了(1、脊椎护理;2、颈肩疗愈;3、卵巢保养;4、局部燃脂减肥按摩(热辣小痛😂50欧30分钟)50欧40分钟;针对无任何感冒咳嗽发烧不适的健康人群,需戴口罩)私信预约! ♥️Next month (June)all courses、prices as before, thanks 🙏! 💢Happy Life Healing Yoga Studio Schedule Mon:9:00 Hatha yoga(Basic) 18:30 Arieal Dance (1point) Tue: 9:00 Neck shoulder therapy 18:30 Neck shoulder therapy Wed:9:00 Arieal Dance (basic ) 18:30AriealDance(Dancesequence) Thu:9:00 Yoga wheel 18:30 Yoga wheel Fri:9:00AriealDance(Dance sequence) 18:30 Art Flow Sat:9:00 Private 16:30 Hatha yoga(Basic) Sun:Rest Safety rules for special periods: 1. Make an appointment before the class; All class maximum of

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Dear pupil. due to current developments our studio remains as a precaution, closed from March 16, 2020 until further notice. We follow the recommendations of the authorities and take preventive measures Measures to protect our fellow human beings from the Corona Virus. The health of our students and customers, including our own, has top priority and comes first in all our considerations. We are better but not yet 100% fit! Thank you very much for