♥️Happy Life Healing Yoga Studio

♥️Next month (June)all courses、prices as before, thanks 🙏!

💢Happy Life Healing Yoga Studio Schedule

Mon:9:00 Hatha yoga(Basic)
18:30 Arieal Dance (1point)
Tue: 9:00 Neck shoulder therapy
18:30 Neck shoulder therapy
Wed:9:00 Arieal Dance (basic )
Thu:9:00 Yoga wheel
18:30 Yoga wheel
Fri:9:00AriealDance(Dance sequence)
18:30 Art Flow
Sat:9:00 Private
16:30 Hatha yoga(Basic)

Safety rules for special periods:

1. Make an appointment before the class; All class maximum of 5;If anything comes up, please cancel the appointment 5hours in advance;
2. Wear a mask in class;
3. To avoid cross-infection, the toilet should be closed;
4. Leave your shoes outside the door.
5、All the CARDS will be extended for another three months from May 18th. Please complete the course within the validity period.massage card can transfer yoga card, but transfer card does not enjoy massage package discount!

🙏Thanks for understanding; Under the epidemic, support each other! Monthly card members please send me your remaining time!Next Monday, May 18th begin!Please make an appointment in advance, thank 🙏