Introduction to stone needle:
The bian-stone is one of the five therapies and two medical instruments in TCM. The „bian-stone“ is believed by TCM to calm the nerves, regulate „qi“ and blood, and dredge the channels and collaterals. Detection with modern medical means, stone needle can send out many beneficial far infrared ray and ultrasonic pulse, promote micro-circulation, regulate metabolism, equivalent to far infrared therapeutic instrument + ultrasonic therapeutic instrument.
With the natural special stone contained in the ability, wake up modern tired body, activate the lymph and blood of the whole body, purify liver and kidney and other organs, eliminate excess toxins, can comprehensively enhance the immune capacity of people…… This is the magic stone therapy! For cervical Spondylosis, lumbar disease, migraine, rheumatoid effect is particularly significant. Stone needle therapy can effectively prevent colds, especially in the elderly and seriously ill patients.
In fact, the stone needle is not strange, as early as in the paleolithic age, our ancestors have no pharmacological knowledge, whenever the body is not timely, they grabbed the burning hot stone next to the fire for hot compress and scraping, they slowly found that some special stone for pain quite curative effect, so gradually summed up as one of the essence of Chinese medicine – acupuncture.
Identified by the national authority, the stone needle contains more than 40 trace elements and minerals beneficial to the human body.
Stone needle healing has five characteristics:
(1) safety: the stone needle does not contain harmful substances through the examination of the national authority.
(2) ingredients: it contains more than 40 trace elements and minerals beneficial to human body, as well as more than 20 anti-aging elements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, strontium and selenium that are necessary for human body.
(3) far infrared ray: the needle stone has a strange energy field, which ACTS on human skin and shows that it can produce very far infrared radiation. Its frequency band is very wide, and the far infrared frequency can reach a range of 7~20 microns.
(4) ultrasonic wave: every time the needle stone rubbed against the human body, it could produce ultrasonic pulses beneficial to the health of the body. The average frequency of ultrasonic pulse could reach 3708 times, and the frequency range was 2-2 million Hertz, which was the first of all materials.
(5) micro crystalline structure: it is calcite micro crystalline rock with crystal size less than 0,03 mm. Its texture is very fine, which makes people feel very comfortable to rub against the human body.
Efficacy of „bian-stone“: through relevant physical and chemical tests, it is known that the „bian-stone“ contains more than 30 trace elements and minerals beneficial to human body, as well as more than 16 rare elements. It has the physical properties of 14.5-16.5 far-infrared radiation, 20-2000/Hz ultrasound at 3698, Nanometer like micro crystals and so on. The special nature of „bian-stone“, which integrates cold light, far-infrared, nano-crystal grinding surface, ultrasonic cosmetology and oxygen-enriched ion therapy, belongs to the integral cosmetology of traditional Chinese medicine.
Stone needle was discovered, found that it has the effect of health care, stone needle combined with meridian and acupoints, can promote blood flow, improve micro-circulation, stone needle care combined with acupuncture and Moxibustion methods, basic principle is based on traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory, but both by comparison, stone needle more secure, more easily accepted by customers. Stone needle health care is through stone acupuncture, stone warm Moxibustion meridian „qi“ and blood, to coordinate the viscera, to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body.